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RPC Remote Probe Controller

This device can sample input from three analog inputs and one fast pulse digital input and send the data to a GP-MC on an RS485 Line. The inputs have identical characteristics to the GP-HR. rpc.gif (30718 bytes)
External Sensor Connector:
6 pin Switchcraft Plug (EN3C6M )
Sealed to IP66
1  Switched Reference voltage
2  First Analog Input
3  Second Analog Input
4  Third Analog Input
5  Fast Pulse Input
6  Common Ground 
pinout6.gif (2129 bytes) View from Front of Socket or Rear of Plug
External RS485 Connection to GP-MC logger:
The Remote Probe Controller is fitted with a 4 pin Switchcraft socket for connection into a GP-MC RS485 network. In addition to the RS485 communication, the socket also provide power for the unit.
Three Analogue Channels:
The three analog channels have identical characteristics. Each channel can operate in two modes, Absolute and Ratiometric. The mode of operation is determined by the probe type selected for that channel. The probe type is selected using the Channel and Probe Setup Tab of the Logger Control Screen in the Omnilog Software. Using this software, a different Probe can be selected for each Channel. Temperature (Thermister) , Pressure and Humidity probes are typically Ratiometric. Voltage and current inputs are Absolute.
Switched Output Voltage to Probes 3.6Volt nominal (depends on state of batteries)
Maximum readable input voltage in Ratiometric mode 3.6Volt nominal (depends on state of batteries)
Maximum readable input voltage in Absolute mode 2.048Volts
Maximum voltage input without damaging controller 5 Volts
Maximum current to be drawn by the combination of the three probes 5mA peek
Input Leakage Current 0.1uA
Working Temperature -30º C to +70º C
Storage Temperature -40º C to +80º C
Sampling Rate Controlled by GP-MC
Probe Supply "Power Up" Time Controlled by GP-MC
Batteries Powered by GP-MC through RS485 Line