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Calibration Procedures

General calibration procedures for most probes (sensors) are listed in this section. Calibration procedures for probes that require specialized calibration techniques are supplied with the probes.

In This Section

Temperature Calibration

Humidity Calibration

J Thermocouple Calibration

K Thermocouple Calibration

N Thermocouple Calibration

R Thermocouple Calibration

T Thermocouple Calibration

Pressure Calibration

Water Level Calibration

Voltage Calibration

mA Calibration

Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge Calibration

Light / Solar Energy Calibration

pH Calibration

Soil Water Tension Calibration

Rotary Distance Calibration


Wind Speed

Wind Direction

Raw AtoD





ON Time (50Hz - 60Hz)

Leaf Wetness Calibration

On Time Analog

Light Probe