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OmniLog Screens

omni_values_view_tn.jpg (8886 bytes)
Data Values View
omni_graph_tn.jpg (5558 bytes)
Data Graph View
Click on Image to see full size
omni_realtime_tn.jpg (6154 bytes)
Realtime Display
omni_stats_view_tn.jpg (9304 bytes)
Data Statistics View
omni_download_tn.jpg (5015 bytes)
Data Download
omni_log_status_tn.jpg (4963 bytes)
Logger Status
omni_start_logger_tn.jpg (5499 bytes)
Start Logger
omni_alarm_set_tn.jpg (5145 bytes)
Alarm Setup
omni_join_tn.jpg (5288 bytes)
Join Datasets
omni_print_tn.jpg (9941 bytes)
Print Dialog
omni_gdd_tn.jpg (7824 bytes)
Growing Degree Days
omni_alarm_active_tn.jpg (6280 bytes)
Alarm Display
omni_periodic_report_tn.jpg (5998 bytes)
Periodic Reports
omni_export_tn.jpg (12241 bytes)
Export Datasets