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Download and run Omni7 setup.exe to install new version

Download Omni7 setup.exe (Omni7 Ver 7.2 build 111 Install File) 22.6 Megs


Ver 7.2.111 (29th October 2014)

Ver 7.2.110 (23rd June 2014)

Ver 7.2.109 (19th March 2014)

Ver 7.2.108 (16th March 2014)

Ver 7.2.107 (5th September 2013)

Ver 7.2.106 (14th June 2013)

Ver 7.2.105 (22th Feb 2013)

Ver 7.2.104 (20th Feb 2013)

Ver 7.2.103 (27th November 2012)

Ver 7.2.102 (26th November 2012)

Ver 7.1.101 (2nd October 2012)

Ver 7.1.100 (18th September 2012)

Ver 7.1.97 (3rd September 2012)

Ver 7.1.96 (29th June 2012)

Ver 7.1.95 (19th April 2012)

Ver 7.1.94 (29th March 2012)

Ver 7.1.93 (29th March 2012)

Ver 7.1.92 (28th March 2012)

Ver 7.1.91 (23rd March 2012)

Ver 7.1.90 (21st March 2012)

Ver 7.1.89 (17th Feb 2012)

Ver 7.1.88 (16th Feb 2012)

Ver 7.1.87 (16th Feb 2012)

Ver 7.1.86 (9th Feb 2012)

Ver 7.1.85 (7th Feb 2012)

Ver 7.1.84 (18th January 2012)

Ver 7.1.83 (18th January 2012)

Ver 7.1.82 (17th January 2012)

Ver 7.1.81 (19th December 2011)

Ver 7.1.80 (16th December 2011)

Ver 7.1.79 (4th October 2011)

Ver 7.1.78 (30th September 2011)

Ver 7.1.77 (29th September 2011)

Ver 7.1.76 (28th September 2011)

Ver 7.1.75 (2nd September 2011)

Ver 7.1.74 (26th July 2011)

Ver 7.1.73 (22th July 2011)

Ver 7.1.72 (20th July 2011)

Ver 7.1.71 (18th July 2011)

Ver 7.1.70 (8th July 2011)

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Notes on Installing the USB Drivers

Do not connect the USB Download cable (DLC3USB) to the computer before you have installed the Omni7 software and the USB Drivers !

First install the OMNI7 Software.
During the install you will be asked if you want to install the USB Drivers for the USB Download cable. Answer Yes.
Before you run the Omni7 software connect the DLC3USB download cable.
The first time the cable is connected, Windows will find the correct drivers and associate them with the cable.
This can take up to 30 seconds
Now run the Omni7software and check that you can connect to a logger using the USB download cable

The next time you use OMNI7 it doesn't matter if you plug the USB cable in first or run the software first
The order only matters the first time you use the DLC3USB and the OMNI7 software

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Changes from Omnilog Data Management Program Ver 1.74 to Omni7

 Omni7 is being released to make the Omnilog Data Management Program fully compatible with Windows 7 and prepare for the introduction of a new generation of hybrid event and periodic loggers.


Main Screen.

 The original Omnilog system assumes the computer has RS232 Serial Comms ports and reverts to these Comm Ports after being used in USB or TCP/IP mode. Some computers now don't have any RS232 Comm Ports.

 Omni7 does not assume any connection type. The user must select this. There is a new "Connection Selection" area at the top left of the main window to select the connection type and connect and disconnect from the logger.

 The original Omnilog system would automatically connect and disconnect from the logger. This worked well in RS232 mode but caused timing and traffic problems in Modem, Radio, GSM and TCP/IP mode. In Omni7 the user manually connects and disconnects to the currently connected logger. No additional traffic is generated unless it is specifically required by the user

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File Locations

 In the original Omnilog program, all files (data and system) lived in the C:\Program Files\OMNI folder. In Windows 7 this is no longer allowed.

All program and help files will now live in C:\Program Files\OMNI7

All Data will live in the Windows 7 Common Application Data Folder

For Windows7 and Vista this will typically be C:\ProgramData\OMNI7

There are a number of folders in the OMNI7 data folder. These include:


New Data File Format 

With the original Omnilog program, users could transfer .log and .dds files between computers to share data. The .log files contain the raw data from loggers. The .dds contained derived datasets - data derived from one or more log files. Both these file formats have limitations. Omni7 uses a new dataset file format. This is stored in a file with the extension   .Omni7DS. All types of Omni7 data can be stored in this format. If you download data from a logger and want to send the data to someone else who has the Omni7 application, you now send them the .Omni7DS dataset. Omni7 can load old data files (.log and .dds format) from the original Omnilog application.


New Logger Type 

The next generation of TruTrack Loggers will be Hybrid Periodic and Event loggers. All the current loggers are Periodic Only Loggers. The next generation of TruTrack loggers (Mk 5's) can be run as Periodic loggers (just like existing models), as Event Loggers or as Hybrids, logging both Periodic and Event  data. The communication protocol for the Mk5 Loggers is different from the Mk 3 and Mk4 loggers. The new protocol has been implemented to speed up Modem, GSM and TCP/IP communications and allow for the Date-Time stamping of every data item. The Mk 5 logger type must be selected in the "Connection Selection" area at the top left of the main window.

 An example of "event logger mode" would be an application where we need to know a freezers temperature each time the door is opened or closed. We put a switch on the freezer door. Each time the door switch is triggered we take a Temperature reading and store it away with the time the event occurred.

 In Hybrid mode we can use events to start and stop logging. For example - if the wind speed is less than 3m/sec don't log - if it is greater than 3m/sec log all data every 5 minutes - if the wind speed is greater than 6m/sec log all data every 1 minute. The new data format allows for time stamped event logging and discreet packets of data with gaps between periodic logging sessions.


New Program Installation Method

 "InstallShield" will now be used to create the install executable for Omni7. This will give the install executable a look and feel that most users will already be familiar with and solves some Windows 7 compatibility problems that were caused by the previous installation package. New Window 7 compatible driver software for our USB cables will be released with Omni7.


Graphing system

 Some of the methods used to display and print graphs in Omnilog 1.74 are not Windows 7 compatible. These are being re-written but we are trying to maintain the existing user interface so that there are not too many differences between the users experience of the old and new methods.


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